can’t wait for dawn of the planet of the apes







I would love me a chocolate man ;)


if you ont see me on the block i ain’t tryna hide i blend in with the hood im camoflaged 

unic0rn-qu33n sadlyy—sober

somebody tell tim these young white hoes that reblog surfers and beach picnics @’ing each other on his pic

they shakin some titties

I’m skatin the city

got no time for thots

my bearings is gritty



i need a girl with an excellent post game and mid-range jumper.

can’t be too mobile preferably slow but with an eye for an assist

lame niggas legit advertising their sexual services on every post bruh

my nigga made a post sayin he don’t fuck with intrusive girls that are friends with your girl and this nigga deadass in the notes talmbout some “if you givin it to her right she won’t care bout her friends”

planet namek seemed like a cool place very picturesque

"is that selfie really as poppin as u think it is?"

the daily rhetorics to oneself (via flatbellybella)

stop rebloggin that pic niggas seent it we just not fuckin with it like that

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shout out to jet set radio crazy taxi and ready 2 rumble

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yo you a bitch