Anonymous asked:
u my favorite blog dude u make tumblr worth it no poke.

salute i appreciate it


hope y’all talkin care of yourselves out there

this a skressful world we live in, make sure you make time for coolin

coolin is very important, find some recreational activities to engage in


tbh my girl lettin a nigga use my playstation is a bigger betrayal than her bussin it open for him

you come home you gotta check your controllers bruh any sign of grease or dorito dust somebody better get right with god

americanapparel yall niggas need to get some thick bitches modellin yall shit hit a hood strip club and start recruitin please bruh


airbrush clouds cause Im lazy






i need all the shawties on that "why she gettin naked? ugh so trashy" wave to shut the fuck up one time

go get some rice to go along with that salt

Nigga you put salt on rice???

when you boil rice you put salt in the water…..

No, no I dont lol

you livin horribly my nigga don’t disrespect your melanin like that

i remember a nigga here once said they don’t add salt to the water when they cookin rice and bruh i felt mad disrespected like wth how yall livin out there? don’t ever invite me to eat at yall place

"wait that’s my ass what you do—"

No one hates popular tumblr women more than unpopular tumblr women.


"If they wasn’t showing they ass, they wouldn’t even be popular."

"You not even that cute boo"

"It’s just yo ass everyone like, not you."

Bitter hoes outchea like hyenas.



When dudes sext there is a thin line between sounding sexy and sounding straight up creepy.

When girls sext there is a thin line between sounding sexy and sounding like a hoe.

soundin sexy and like a hoe often go hand in hand in sextin situations and it likely won’t prevent niggas tryna put it in you